200 HOUR



JAN - DEC 2022  |  LONDON & ONLINE  | from £2,840


A unique and accredited entry-level teaching qualification that takes an embodied approach to yoga practices and philosophy, weaves trauma-sensitivity throughout the modules of study, and nurtures the personal enrichment of participants as well as their professional development.

  • 25 days/11 weekends of outstanding training and 20 hours of online anatomy study with highly experienced tutors who think outside the box

  • Application of embodied practice, somatics, and trauma-sensitivity throughout

  • Professional support in designing and teaching your first six-week course

  • Guided exploration into the depth and relevance of yoga philosophy, and facilitated examination of contemporary yoga culture

  • Embodied self-coaching techniques, mentoring and graduate support

  • Accreditation with Yoga Alliance International & The Independent Yoga Network


The 200 hour training typically requires you to log 170* hours of studio-based contact. This is divided into 25 training days that take place once a month from January to December (11 weekends in total). The remaining 30 hours are 'non-contact' and completed in your own time with study and assessment. The course syllabus is divided into the following units of study and practice.

*Yoga Alliance has been flexible with this requirement during the pandemic.


Asana and Movement Fundamentals - practice, sequencing and teaching. Applied anatomy. Pranayama Fundamentals - practice and teaching. Relaxation methods. Meditation/Concentration techniques.


Class and Course Planning, Teaching Techniques and Methodologies, Yoga Access and Outreach Matters, Health and Safety Matters, Being Trauma-Informed, Ethical Matters & Codes of Conduct, the Business of Yoga.


Physical Anatomy with an experiential approach (finding the felt-sense of systems and structures). Alignment and Adaptations - what, when and why. Subtle Anatomy - chakra system, pranic system, kosha model.


History of  Modern Postural Yoga - as it is told today. Contemporary Yoga Culture - thorny issues, Selected Texts for Study, including but not exclusively, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and the Vijnanabhairava Tantra. Sanskrit Fundamentals - key terminology. Philosophy Fundamentals - getting to grips with concepts.


Teaching Practice in peer to peer setting. Giving and receiving feedback. Self-evaluation techniques. Teaching your own 6 week course to friends/family/colleagues.

Where and when are will the training days be held?


It's an amazing course. A personal journey of discoveries. I enjoyed the exploratory aspects and how focused it was on your own experiences. I loved that it wasn't prescribed on how you should be teaching and very much emphasised finding your own style and authenticity. The support from the tutors was amazing. 



The following dates and venue are relevant for our next 200 hour yoga teacher training starting in January 2022.


Training will be held over 11 weekends once month from January to December 2022 (dates below). Please note that the January, May and September training weekends include the Friday.

  • January Training Weekend
    14 Jan 2022, 10:30 – 16 Jan 2022, 16:30
    Location is TBD
    14 Jan: Welcome to the course. Orientation. Intention Setting. Mentors 15 Jan: Techniques, Training and Practice 1 & Anatomy 1 16 Jan: Professional Essentials 1
  • February Training Weekend
    12 Feb 2022, 10:30 – 13 Feb 2022, 16:30
    Location is TBD
    12 Feb: Techniques, Training and Pracitce 2 & Anatomy 2 13 Feb: Yoga Humanities 1
  • March Training Weekend
    12 Mar 2022, 10:30 – 13 Mar 2022, 16:30
    Location is TBD
    12 Mar: Professional Essentials 2 13 Mar: Techniques Training & Practice 3 & Anatomy 3
  • April Training Weekend
    09 Apr 2022, 10:30 – 10 Apr 2022, 16:30
    Location is TBD
    9 Apr: Techniques Training & Practice 4 & Anatomy 4 10 Apr: Techniques Training & Practice 5
  • May Training Weekend
    13 May 2022, 10:30 – 15 May 2022, 16:30
    Location is TBD
    13 May: Techniques, Training & Practice 5 & Anatomy 5 14 May: Yoga Humanities (H&P) 2 15 May: Yoga Humanities (Ethics) 3
  • June Training Weekend
    11 Jun 2022, 10:30 – 12 Jun 2022, 16:30
    Location is TBD
    11 Jun: Techniques, Training & Practice 6 & Anatomy 6 12 Jun: Techniques, Training & Practice 7 & Anatomy 7
  • July Training Weekend
    16 Jul 2022, 10:30 – 17 Jul 2022, 16:30
    Location is TBD
    16 Jul: Techniques, Training and Practice 8 & Anatomy 8 17 Jul: Yoga Humanities (H&P) 4
  • September Training Weekend
    09 Sep 2022, 10:30 – 11 Sep 2022, 16:30
    Location is TBD
    9 Sep: Techniques Training & Practice 9 & Anatomy 9 10 Sep: Techniques Training & Practice 10 & Anatomy 10 11 Sep: Yoga Humanities (Ethics) 5
  • October Training Weekend
    08 Oct 2022, 10:30 – 09 Oct 2022, 16:30
    Location is TBD
    8 Oct: Yoga Humanities (subtle anatomy) 6 9 Oct: Professional Essentials 3
  • November Training Weekend
    12 Nov 2022, 10:30 – 13 Nov 2022, 16:30
    Location is TBD
    12 Nov:Techniques,Training and Practice 11 & Anatomy 11 13 Nov: Professional Essentials 4
  • December Training Weekend
    10 Dec 2022, 10:30 – 11 Dec 2022, 16:30
    Location is TBD
    10 Dec: Professional Essentials 6 11 Dec: Professionals Essentials 7


Training days are held at The Chocolate Studio, North London. The self-contained studio is easily accessible with good transport routes as well as accommodation options for those that need them. Mats and props are provided (unless otherwise advised).


Free tea is included on all training days!

What kind of study is involved and how will you be assessed?



Throughout the 200 hour training, you'll need to set aside time to dive into the required study. This is necessary for building up your 30 hours of non-contact time required to reach the 200 hour expectation. You'll also need to complete various assignments, practical assessments as well as attend training days and observations in order to graduate. Happily, there are no written exams to worry about!



You'll need to complete 30-40 hours of study before you begin the course (such as reading, research and self-reflective work). This includes a 20-hour online Anatomy Course with Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews. You may begin your pre-course study on receipt of the full payment of your deposit payment.


You'll be required to do some reading or research to prepare for each training weekend so that you can fully participate in discussions. Your tutors will guide you on this, but as a guideline you should aim to allow a couple of hours a week for home study. 


Before the first training weekend you'll be sent a course reading list which includes texts that you'll need to get hold of. All other materials including course handouts will be provided for each module as necessary. You'll also need access to a computer, internet, camera, printer, and stationery.  Mats and props are provided on trainings days at the ARC Centre. 

In addition to studio contact hours, you'll need to successfully complete a number of written assignments and practical assessments. These are designed for you to demonstrate your skills and learning, and for tutors to offer constructive feedback. 


  • Online Anatomy Course and associated worksheets

  • 3 Self-reflective practice journals

  • Glossary of yogic terms & concepts plus mini peer-presentation

  • Lesson plan and 6-week course plan

  • 6-week course to be taught to a small group of family and friends (4-8 people)

  • 3 self-evaluation reports

  • A Health and Safety/Venue Risk Assessment report

  • Ongoing assessment of teaching skills throughout training weekends

  • Video recording of your class teaching for final class assessment

  • You are also required to attend and log at least 20 yoga classes over the course of the training as well as 4 class observations with a suitably qualified teacher


There is a minimum requirement for successful Yoga Alliance certification of 170 contact hours or studio time distributed throughout the training weekends. We know that life throws a few curve balls, so if you have to unavoidably miss a training day or weekend, you may be able to make up the content directly with the tutor(s) concerned, usually via Skype/Zoom. Please note that an additional fee is payable in these cases. 


How much does it cost? Are payment plans or bursaries available?



Course fees start from £2,840 with payment plans to help spread the cost. Bursaries are available. Included in the fees:

  • 25 days of face-to-face tuition

  • 20 hours of approved Online Anatomy

  • Course handouts  

  • 4 hours of one-on-one mentoring

  • 4 hours of graduate mentoring including business/marketing support

  • Unlimited tea on training days!


We're committed to minimising financial barriers, which is why we offer generous payment plans. If these options aren't suitable, please contact us to discuss a plan that works for you. 


£1,350 deposit  before 31 May 2021


10 monthly payments of £149

TOTAL: £2,840


£1,350 deposit

before 30 Sept 2021


10 monthly payments of £184

TOTAL: £3,190


£1,350 deposit  before 30 Sep 2020


10 monthly payments of £220

TOTAL: £3,550


  • books from the required reading lists (although we do our best to locate free online resources)

  • making up missed training days

  • remarking and resubmitting assignments and/or assessments

  • admin fee of £40 for payment plans that include installments (WAIVED until 31 March 2021)

  • travel, accommodation, and catering/subsistence costs

  • costs associated with attending 20 yoga classes and 4 class observations with a suitably qualified teacher

  • costs associated with access to a computer, internet connectivity, email account, printer, stationery, and camera for video assignment (contact us for Learning Support)

  • First Aid course (not essential but highly recommended)



In order to secure your place on the teacher training, you'll need to pay a deposit of £1,350. Please note that the deposit is non-refundable in all circumstances. We will only refund fees paid-to-date, minus your deposit before 30 September 2021. No refunds will be offered on fees paid to date after 30 September 2021 and you will be contractually responsible for any fees outstanding. Fees are non-transferable to another training.



As part of our commitment to accessibility, we're proud to offer a bursary and scholarship scheme for this yoga teacher training course. 


Applicants must be able to demonstrate their need for financial support, their dedication to the practice of yoga, as well as present their vision for taking the practice off the mat and out into community/outreach settings.


To make an application, please complete our short, confidential form.

Who will be teaching on the training programme?


“It’s a course focused on self-enquiry and embodied practice facilitated by a diverse group of incredible teachers with a wealth of knowledge, warmth, nurture and curiosity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such an enriching experience”



Our core faculty of senior tutors are experts in their fields. You also have access to some exceptional guest tutors and two world renowned anatomy tutors for your online anatomy course. 


Founder & Senior Tutor with expertise in embodied anatomy and professional practice


Senior Tutor with expertise in history, philosophy and sanskrit


Senior Tutor with focus on trauma-sensitivty & pedagogy


Senior Tutor with expertise in somatics, sequencing, and pranayama


Guest Tutor with expertise in sequencing and flow


Guest Tutor with expertise in mindfulness and yoga therapy


Online Anatomy Tutor


Online Anatomy Tutor

What are the application requirements? Is graduation guaranteed? How is the training accredited?




In order to be eligible for a place on this teacher training, you should have at least two years regular yoga practice with an experienced teacher who will be willing to offer you a reference if requested. However, we realise that your yoga studies may have been with a variety of teachers and perhaps in online as well as offline settings, so we are happy to consider applications from students with similar relevant experience. Applicants who are able to demonstrate an established self-practice and self-study will also be considered.


Participating in the training is not enough to graduate from the course. To graduate successfully (and acquire 200 hour accreditation) you'll need to meet the following criteria:

  • Attend 170 hours of studio contact time (adjusted during pandemic)

  • Complete written assignments and practical assessments to a satisfactory standard

  • Attend and log 20 yoga classes

  • Attend and log 4 class observations


This course is undergoing accreditation with Yoga Alliance (International) at 200 hour level, and the Independent Yoga Network. Once you've graduated successfully, you'll be eligible to: 

  • Register with Yoga Alliance as a RYT200 

  • Register your membership status with the Independent Yoga Network (UK) based on their requirements

  • Add your new training hours towards any further courses with Yoga Alliance Professionals or the Independent Yoga Network


What style of yoga are we taught?

In terms of asana/form practice, our approach is to teach the fundamentals of anatomy and movement to apply to your own preferred practice. Each of our tutors will share from their own experience.

I can’t afford the investment at the moment. What are my options?

Payment plans are always available to spread costs after an initial deposit. If you are on a low income or identify/work with underrepresented communities in yoga teaching you may very well be eligible for bursary support, there are several places on each course, or a full scholarship.

What if I can’t make the dates for training weekends?

There is a minimum requirement for successful Yoga Alliance certification of 170 contact hours, so we will help you catch up the content that you missed with your tutor via Skype/Zoom. Please note that there will be an additional fee required.

What do the fees cover exactly? And what's not included?

The fees cover the following:

- 25 days of face-to-face tuition

- 20 hours of approved online Anatomy Course and associated materials

- 4 mentoring hours during the course

- 4 mentoring hours during your first year of teaching

- a comprehensive set of Course Handouts

- unlimited tea on your training days

- an Art Journal and weekly Journaling Prompts

Fees don't include:

- books from the required reading lists (although we do our best to locate free online resources) - making up missed training days - remarking assignments - resubmitting practical assessments - admin fee of £40 for payment plans that include installments - travel, accommodation, and catering/subsistence costs - costs associated with attending 20 yoga classes and 4 class observations with a suitably qualified teacher - costs associated with access to a computer, internet connectivity, email account, printer, stationery, and camera for video assignment (contact us for Learning Support) - First Aid course

Is the course accredited?

Absolutely. Barefoot Body Training is a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance international. Our accreditation with Yoga Alliance the Independent Yoga Network are both in progress.

How many people will I be training with?

Our training group are usually between 14-20. Many teacher training providers have around 30 trainees in their cohorts but we prefer to keep things small. That way, we ensure as much personal contribution to your learning as possible.

I've got a lot on. How much work is involved?

We make it as easy as possible for you to fit the training around other commitments. Preparation and planning are key.

We help by sending out notes to help you prepare ahead for each training weekend, and you might like to know that there are no big essay or research assignments. Over the course of your years’ training with us you should aim to allow a couple of hours a week of home study.

The work load is very manageable, and we're here to support you. You have a dedicated mentor to talk to alongside your tutors.

If I attend all the trainings, does that mean I automatically graduate?

No. We will only issue a certificate when you have met all the course criteria in terms of attendance hours, written assignments and a practical assessment.

To graduate successfully (and acquire 200 hour accreditation) you'll need to meet the following criteria:

- Attend 170 hours of studio contact time, equivalent to 25 training days - Complete written assignments and practical assessments to a satisfactory standard - Attend and log 20 yoga classes - Attend and log 4 class observations

How do I know if I'm eligible for a bursary or scholarship?

We have several places for bursaries and full scholarships. If you're on a low income or identify/work with underrepresented communities in yoga teaching you may very well be eligible for one of these places. The best thing to do is to get in touch with us directly or fill out the form to check your eligibility. Please revisit the Fees and Payment section for more.

How long is the course?

One weekend a month from September to July. A total of 25 studio days.

Will I be able to teach anywhere once I graduate?

Yes, a Yoga Alliance (international) accreditation is recognised in almost every country in the world.

How often does the training run?

We have one intake a year each September. Get in touch if you'd like to register for any future dates.

What do I do if I don’t feel ready to teach once I’ve graduated?

Your mentor will do their best to talk through any matters related to your readiness to teach, so make the most of the four hours allocated to you post-graduation.

How "good" at yoga do I need to be?

We believe in yoga for all and for every body so if you feel good enough to want to share what you love about the practice, then we’d like to help you get the skills and confidence to do this. There are no pre-requisites about your ability to do complex asana/forms or to fit any pre-conceived image of what a yoga teacher looks like. On day one of the training, we are all beginners.

What if I’m not ready to jump in to the full teacher training?

Join us on our Discovery course which opens up all aspects of yoga that you might not get a chance to dip into in your everyday classes: history, philosophy, Sanskrit, anatomy and movement, pranayama, meditation and contemporary themes. It’s a short course; no homework; and great for anyone not ready or not wanting to teach.

What if I haven’t done two years of yoga?

Let’s talk! It might be that we ask for a reference from your teacher or ask you to participate in our Discovery course as a preliminary part of your training.

I’ve only done courses online. Will that effect my eligibility?

Online classes are a great way to access regular practice and inspiration (and a useful way for future teachers to make an income too). Let’s talk or meet so that we agree together your readiness for training and your aspirations for teaching.

Will I be able to teach yoga while I’m on the training?

You will have student teacher insurance to cover your 6 week teaching assignment. If you plan to teach more classes during the training this is possible: you will need to be transparent to your students that you are a teacher-in-training and you will need to purchase further insurance directly with an insurance provider. This is currently about £30.

I feel like I’m too old for this. What’s the best age to start a training?

The age range on our training groups run anywhere from 20s to 60s. Age is not a barrier to training. Our course director is about to hit a big birthday and she’s not about to stop learning or teaching!

I haven’t studied for years! Are there lots of exams?

There are written assignments related to class planning, self-practice, and understanding common Sanskrit terms, and we ask you to design a 6 week beginners course and teach this to friends, family or colleagues, but there are no written exams! We do ask you to do an observed practical assessment which takes the form of teaching a mini-class to your peers, and we will prepare you for this thoroughly.




We're sure you have plenty of questions and we warmly welcome them. We'd love to advise and support you on your continuing professional development as a yoga teacher. Send us an email or simply fill out the form below.



Barefoot Body offers an embodied, trauma-sensitive, and inclusive approach to yoga education that is inspired by somatics and other movement modalities.


Our trainings, courses and events are designed for curious, open-minded practitioners and founded on ethical principles that respect and honour everyone's lived experience.


We actively support and encourage teachers bringing yoga into non-traditional settings and less-represented communities. 

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