Building on the success of our 200 hour accredited programme and our CPD short courses, our 300 hour training offers unique and in-depth content that takes your knowledge and skills to another level. Curating your course around a set of mandatory units of study with additional content that suits your interests or specialisms means you continue to become the yoga teacher that you want to be.


The course runs over a maximum of three years from the date of your registration so that you can pace yourself  and we offer a payment plan so that you can spread your tuition fees. Bursary applications are always welcome. There are 18 days of mandatory study, which you can find out about below, and a further 20 elective days of study, which can be chosen from most of our short courses and workshops for teachers. Core modules of study are held at The ARC Centre in North London. Short courses and workshops rotate in London, Cambridge and Northampton. In addition to the studio training days (contact hours), there are various home assignments to do (non-contact hours) that range from reading and research to course planning and teaching. You also need to keep up your regular class attendance.

Happily, you don't have to wait for the core modules begin. You can register at anytime and begin with one of our short courses or workshops for teachers.

THE CORE MODULES - these are the mandatory units of study. You'll see the days are organised into modules of study so that each weekend stands alone. This makes it easier for you to spread the modules over 3 years.

UNIT 1 - Anatomy and Physiology

24, 25, 26 January -MODULE 1A - Experiential Embryology - origins of movement

21, 22, 23 February - MODULE 1B - Experiential Anatomy - beyond the musculoskeletal system

Unit 2 - Techniques, Training and Practice

20,21,22 March - MODULE 2A - Embodied Asana/Forms and Sequencing

Unit 3 - Teaching Methodology

24, 25, 26 April - MODULE 2B - Embodied Relational Dynamics. Consent & Contact.


Unit 4 - Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics for Yoga Teachers

22, 23, 24 May - MODULE 3A - Embodied Sanskrit and Voice

19, 20, 21 June -MODULE 3B - Radical "Inclusion". Connection, Relationship & Service

TUITION FEES for Core Modules and Elective Days

On successful application, you will receive an offer of a place.  We have two payment options and we think one of these will suit you. Course numbers are small, typically 10-16 which ensures maximum input from your tutors in your learning and self-development. We hope you agree. 


Secure your place with a deposit of £1000 (non-refundable), followed by 12 monthly instalments of £248.

Total tuition fees payable*: £3976


Secure you place with a deposit of £1000 (non-refundable), followed by 3 monthly instalments of £805.

Total tuition fees payable*: £3415

*If you have not completed the Fundamentals course (this is part of the Barefoot Body 200H training), you will be required to do this and this will contribute 20 hours of your necessary non-contaat hours requirement. There is an additional fee of £110 which will be added to your deposit payment.

In addition, please note further fees are applicable for making up time with tutors for missed training days, the remarking of any written assignments, or assessment of any video re-submissions. All details are in our Student Handbook and in our policies and procedure documentation.


Your deposit is non-refundable in all circumstances. We will only refund fees paid-to-date, minus your deposit before 31st December 2019. No refunds will be offered on fees paid-to-date after 31 December 2019, and you will be contractually responsible for any fees outstanding. Fees are non-transferable to another training.


As part of our commitment to accessibility to training and ongoing professional development, it is important to us that we minimise financial barriers wherever possible. To this end we offer a bursary scheme on this YTT&E course. Applicants must be able to demonstrate their need for financial support, their dedication to the practice of yoga, as well as present their vision for taking the practice off the mat and out into community/outreach settings. To make an application, please complete this  short an confidential form.


The core modules will be held a the The ARC Centre in Islington, London. Close to tubes and bus routes, and various accommodation options, we think you'll find it easy to get to and enjoy studying in this space.


Your certification is undergoing accredited with both Yoga Alliance International and the Independent Yoga Network. On successful completion of your course and all related assignments and practical assessments you will be able to register at 500 Hour level with both organisations, based on your current 200H status (see Pre-requisites below).

PRE- COURSE STUDY (the Core Modules)

Please note that in addition to your class attendance, you will be required to do approximately 30-40 hours of pre-course study, involving reading, research and some self-reflective written work. There may be an additional 20 hours of online Anatomy Course study with Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews (unless you have previously completed this.) You will need access to a computer, internet connectivity and printer to complete the pre-course study and assignments. You may begin your pre-course study on receipt of your deposit.

Please note that most elective days (workshops or short courses) have their own relevant pre-course study and assignments.

ON-COURSE STUDY (the Core Modules)

You will be required to do some reading or research to prepare for each study weekend so that you can fully participate in discussions. Your tutors will guide you on this each weekend.


There are a variety of written assignments to complete throughout the course. You will also need to be able to organise a small teaching group (4-8 people) to whom you can teach a six week "improvers" course - this can be with one of your existing groups, or a new group of family, friends or colleagues in a suitable environment. We will also be assessing your teaching skills as we progress through the core modules and you will be required to submit a video record of your class teaching.

Your tutors want you to get the best out of this programme and each assignment and the practical assessment are designed for you to demonstrate your skills and learning along the way and to give the tutors the chance to offer constructive feedback. If you fall short of any designated criteria, then your tutor may ask you to resubmit assignments or resit your practical assessment - supplementary fees apply in these cases.


18 days of face-to-face tuition for the core modules with a comprehensive set of Course Handouts, and (not to be underestimated!) unlimited tea on your training days.  A further 20 elective days from our portfolio of workshops and short courses for yoga teachers. You will be assigned a mentor from our teaching team and during the first 12 months of your training you will receive 4 hours complimentary mentoring hours over Skype.


Books from the required reading lists (we will do our best to locate free online resources), making up missed training days, remarking assignment, resubmitting practical assessments, your own travel and accommodation costs, your catering/subsistence costs. You are also required to attend and log at least 20 yoga classes over the course of the training and attend and log 4 class observations with a suitably qualified teacher - associated costs are not included in the Course Fees. You should also attend a suitable First Aid course - it's not essential but highly recommended.


Still reading? Excited to join us on this Yoga Teacher Training & Enrichment programme?  Then you should have an existing 200H yoga teacher certificate, which we will ask you to scan and send in to us as part of your application process. If your 200H certificate is accredited with Yoga Alliance (International), on successful completion of all the overall course requirements you will be able to update your Registered Yoga Teacher status from RYT200 to RYT500. Similarly, if you hold a registration with the Independent Yoga Network (UK) you will be eligible to update your membership status.


You'll need access to a computer, internet connectivity, an email account, a printer and associated stationery throughout the course, and for your video teaching assignment you'll need access to a camera or camera phone (and possibly a tripod). Having said all this, please note that we are more than happy to hear from applicants who may need Learning Support during the course.


1. Ready to apply? Then we'd love to hear from you, click here for our very brief APPLICATION FORM.

2. Our Taster Days are already complete for 2019, but please get in touch to arrange a Skype or a meeting.

3. I If you would like a more detailed breakdown of the syllabus, then request one here.


Beverley Nolan - Director of Studies - E-RYT 500, IYN 500, BWY-RT, RSMT/E (ISMETA) 

Tiffany Thorne - Senior Tutor - BWY-Dip, SANSKRIT BA, MA-Phil (Cambridge), Award in Restorative Yoga

Ashley MacDonald - Senior Tutor - RYT-200, Award in Pregnancy Yoga, Award in Restorative Yoga, Teacher- Prison Phoenix Trust, TC-TSY Facilitator

Tamara Ashley - Senior Tutor - 200H Yoga Teaching Certificate, MA Choreography, PhD Dance


Rachael Moore - 200H Yoga Teaching Certificate, 200H Vinayasa Flow Teaching Certificate, Award in Pregnancy Yoga

Aki Omori - Senior Yoga Teacher,  Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator

Fabiano Culora - Yoga Teacher, Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator, Somatic Movement Therapist, Body & Earth

Theodora Wildcroft - Guest Tutor - Yoga Teacher, Writer, Scholar

Not forgetting your online ANATOMY TUTORS, co-authors of the book Yoga Anatomy: Amy Matthews & Leslie Kaminoff.



Barefoot Body offers an embodied, trauma-sensitive, and inclusive approach to yoga education that is inspired by somatics and other movement modalities.


Our trainings, courses and events are designed for curious, open-minded practitioners and founded on ethical principles that respect and honour everyone's lived experience.


We actively support and encourage teachers bringing yoga into non-traditional settings and less-represented communities. 

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