Yoga courses to inspire your curiosity, deepen your practice and add a new dimension to your teaching

Our unique portfolio of short courses is designed to enrich your practice, knowledge and experience. Each course is facilitated by inspirational, expert tutors that think outside the box and is built on embodied principles, trauma-sensitivity, and inclusion. Bursary places are always available, and you may use the courses to curate your own 300-Hour Yoga & Enrichment Teacher Training Programme.  

  • Fri, Jan 01
    Online Course
    Jan 01, 7:00 PM – Jul 31, 8:00 PM
    Online Course
    This is yoga anatomy with a practical and a creative approach. The course is delivered through the trusted online content from the very experienced Amy Matthews and Leslie Kaminoff, as well as bonus material and interactive support from Beverley Nolan and Tiffany Thorne.
  • Fri, Mar 19
    Trauma Informed Yoga & Movement L1
    Mar 19, 10:30 AM – Mar 21, 4:30 PM
    Trauma Informed Yoga & Movement L1
    Unravel the principles of trauma-sensitivity in relation to yoga and other movement modalities on this stand-alone course with Ashley MacDonald. Ideal not only for yoga teachers but also movement facilitators and registered therapists.
  • Fri, Apr 23
    Sequencing & Flow
    Apr 23, 10:30 AM – Apr 25, 4:30 PM
    Sequencing & Flow
    Tap into the fluid systems of the body, discover the art of sequencing and learn how to design creative classes that are intentional and safe for all bodies. Explore transitions, themes, voice, and movement, and how to weave these elements together with Rachael Moore & Beverley Nolan.
  • Fri, May 21
    Embodying The Language of Yoga
    May 21, 10:00 AM – May 23, 4:00 PM
    Embodying The Language of Yoga
    Unpacking Sanskrit, the language of yoga, creatively from vibration to form so that you can start to recognise not only the script but the sound of familiar Sankrit terminology and phrases. No previous Sanskrit studies required to get the most of this deep dive with your tutor, Tiffany Thorne.
  • Fri, Jun 18
    The Chocolate Studio
    Jun 18, 10:30 AM – Jun 22, 4:30 PM
    The Chocolate Studio, 7 Shepherdess Place, London, N1 7LJ
    Discover the earliest origins of our movement, structure and breath with this experiential voyage into the world of embryology and Somatic Psychology with your tutor, Beverley Nolan. Then apply this to your yoga studies, practice and teaching.
  • Fri, Jun 25
    The Chocolate Studio 52
    Jun 25, 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM
    The Chocolate Studio 52, 7 Shepherdess Place, London, N1 7LJ
    Advance your understanding of trauma-sensitivity in relation to yoga and other movement modalities with the follow-on part of our Trauma-Informed course, with tutor Ashley MacDon . For those who have completed our Level 1 training and for interested Registered Therapists.
    Fri, Sep 24
    The Chocolate Studio
    Sep 24, 10:30 AM – Sep 28, 4:30 PM
    The Chocolate Studio, 7 Shepherdess Place, London, N1 7LJ
    BOOKING FROM JANUARY (training: Sept 24-28) Understand and practice the key milestones in our movement development with Beverley Nolan to inform and develop your personal practice and content choices and planning for teaching.
  • Fri, Oct 29
    The Chocolate Studio
    Oct 29, 10:30 AM – Nov 02, 3:30 PM
    The Chocolate Studio, 7 Shepherdess Place, London, N1 7LJ
    Deepen your understanding of the neuroendocrine system, tap into the long history of prop-supported practice, max-out on props, challenge yourself with prop-lite practice and some blanket origami. With Tiffany Thorne & Beverley Nolan.
    Fri, Nov 19
    The Chocolate Studio
    Nov 19, 10:00 AM – Nov 21, 4:00 PM
    The Chocolate Studio, 7 Shepherdess Place, London, N1 7LJ
    BOOKING FROM JANUARY (training dates: 19-21 November) Understand how awareness of the organs systems offer support for movement and form. Systems explored and their relationship to the skeleton: Heart and Lungs (cardio-respiratory), Digestive Tract; Kidney/Bladder (urinary system).
  • Fri, Jan 29
    The Chocolate Studio (and Online)
    Jan 29, 10:30 AM – Jan 31, 4:30 PM
    The Chocolate Studio (and Online), 7 Shepherdess Place, London, N1 7LJ
    A trauma-informed approach to yoga nidra that focuses on simplicity of form and content that respects the practitioner's choices. Discover the historical roots of the practice and create your own scripts with Beverley Nolan, Tiffany Thorne & Ashley MacDonald.
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You'll find wisdom and enthusiasm combined with a thoughtful and calm approach.

The Restorative Yoga Course changed my life!

Excellent value, excellent content, and great teachers with a warm, friendly manner.

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Barefoot Body offers an embodied, trauma-sensitive, and inclusive approach to yoga education that is inspired by somatics and other movement modalities.


Our trainings, courses and events are designed for curious, open-minded practitioners and founded on ethical principles that respect and honour everyone's lived experience.


We actively support and encourage teachers bringing yoga into non-traditional settings and less-represented communities. 

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