In this ongoing series of events and workshops, we take an embodied approach to entering contemporary conversations in the yoga world and it's intersection with the world at large.

SANGHA: yoga, relationship, and service

with Theo Wildcroft

In this workshop, we will explore the wisdom of communities and the many ways we find authenticity in our relationships together. We will discuss power and radical inclusivity, compassion and politics in practice, and how we can transform our teaching to offer a space of both refuge and challenge to the world we live in. We will wrestle with the definitions of ‘traditional’ and ‘commercial’ yoga, as part of a “billion-dollar industry” in which most teachers struggle to earn a modest income.

The workshop will run Friday evening and all-day Saturday.

Friday 8th November 7 – 9.30 pm


Times: 7-9pm, arrive from 6.30

Venue: Espresso Library 210 East Road, Cambridge, CB1 1BG

Value: £15 including a drink of your choice.

Access: Open to all.

This session will be a lecture, open to all. It describes the evolution of teaching in yoga, from pre-modern to modern to post-lineage yoga, and the opportunities and risks of yoga practice in an increasingly post-lineage era.

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Saturday 9th November 10 – 5pm


Venue: Centre At St Pauls, Upper Hall, Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 1JP

Value: £75

Access: teachers and teachers in training,

This workshop will introduce practical tools from the field of community education. We will work as a group to explore more democratic teaching methods, define a common code of practice, and support each other within circles of trust.

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Bursary support available - please email Beverley.


Theodora Wildcroft, PhD is a researcher investigating the democratization and evolution of physical practice as it moves beyond yoga lineages. A yoga teacher herself with over a decade of experience, she also blogs, appears on podcasts, on panels and conferences and writes numerous other articles on yoga, on social justice, on hope, and on untold stories. Theo consults with a number of major yoga organisations, and she teaches workshops across Europe and North America.



- Abuse, Cult Dynamics and Healing in the Yoga World and Beyond

An evening presentation and conversation with Matthew Remski.

Date: 2 April 2019

Times: 7-9pm, arrive from 6.30

Venue: Espresso Library 210 East Road, Cambridge, CB1 1BG

- diversity, inclusion and anti-oppressive practice in yoga

Tutor: Sophia Ansari

Date: 2 & 3 February 10.30-17.30

Venue: The Signal Box, CAMBRIDGE, CB2 8DB