Is becoming a qualified 500H yoga teacher really as hard as it looks? How is it possible to fit 300 hours of training into an already jam-packed life? How long will it actually take? Is there any choice over study content? Where on earth do you start? We have answers.

“Be like the bee that gathers pollen from many flowers and then makes its own honey. Learn, practice and assimilate.” — Abhinavagupta

If you feel like 500H yoga teacher status is out of reach, we've got good news for you. The reality is that working towards this qualification is less complicated than you might think.

Our 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training & Enrichment Programme layers on top of your 200-hour teaching certification to advance you towards becoming a qualified 500H Yoga Teacher. And unlike others trainings, it's about personal enrichment as much as it is about professional knowledge and skills.

How does our 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training work?

Complete the Core Modules

We have a series of Core Modules that we require everyone to study (including developmental movement, experiential anatomy, and Sanskrit as an embodied language).

Core modules also focus on professional aspects such as ethical marketing, getting to grips with technology in the era of COVID-19, and the changing landscape of yoga following the #MeToo movement. Read more about Core Modules >

Choose your favourite Elective Courses (and/or add your past CPDs to your hours)

The rest is up to you! You curate the remaining hours of your training by signing up to the Elective Courses that interest you (see below for a taster and click on any that take you'd like to learn more about).

Best of all — if you've already completed one of our accredited CPD Courses, these count towards your hours!

Take it at your own pace

There's no rush with this training. Take the time you need. This could be anything from a year to two years or more. Whatever suits you.

Start anytime

You can start at anytime with a Core Module or even an Elective Course.

Interested in finding out more?