Creative and cultural inspiration for uncertain times, and a wealth of gratitude to you all.

"To deepen the conversation, we have to stop the one we are having now."

A paraphrase of something poet David Whyte reminds us of frequently, and I find it resonating so strongly as I live in this weird hiatus of lockdown. All known routines, all plans, all expectations have been cast into the air never to land in the places where I thought they might. Maybe you resonate with that?

The conversation that I was holding with life, that exchange between my inner living and my daily life, has been stopped for me and I am invited into a new one, a deeper one.

Amid the tumultuous headspace of rescheduling courses, repurposing content, and mind-mapping fresh offerings, I find time and nourishment in listening to my favourite poets, in reading the non-dual speakers and philosophers, in reflecting on favourite music and artworks, and each early morning, (once I have replenished the bird feeders), I am beckoned to take my tea and sit in my small space. There I breathe and lean into the presence of all things more graciously than I have ever done before.

I am grateful for my practice, grateful for my garden and all my privileges, and grateful to everyone who supports Barefoot Body through attending classes and courses, through teaching and sharing wisdom, through commenting on the Facebook page and noticing our Instagram posts.

Knowing you are all out there in this new world is a solace and inspiration.

Thank you. Thank you.


Music: Chopin Nocturne Opus 9 no. 2 adapted for classical guitar

Artwork: Hammershoi interiors

Poetry: Something from astronomer and poet, Rebecca Elson

Philosophy: Nietzsche on how to find yourself

Speaker: Non-dual speaker Jean Klein