How Barefoot Body is navigating its way beyond lockdown towards the 'new normal' and the fully-accredited courses and trainings that can be delivered online via remote-learning if necessary.

As we move beyond lockdown towards a 'new normal', we realise that there may be some uncertainty around booking in-person trainings or courses. So we thought it would be helpful to outline the courses and trainings we're running that can move to online teaching, should the circumstances require it. This unusual scenario has gifted us an unexpected opportunity to delve into the realms of remote offerings. Throughout the past few months, we've gained knowledge about what can and cannot work, as well as fresh appreciation for the value of the in-person experience. All of this has informed our judgements around what we're able and happy to deliver online. While not all of our offerings will be fully online, some can be adapted to remote learning. So if you're hesitant about booking, please rest assured that we will always deliver a full-accredited course or training.


3 & 4 OCTOBER 2020

This 2-day CPD Course with Ashely MacDonald unravels the principles of trauma-sensitivity in related to yoga and other movement modalities. While it's currently taking place at the ARC Centre in London, we can adapt the content to be delivered online if necessary. View the course here >


30, 31 OCT & 1 NOV 2020

A trauma-informed approach to the practice of yoga nidra that focuses on simplicity of form and content that respects the consent and choices of the practitioner. If all is well, we'll be running this at the ARC Centre in London but the content can be delivered online if necessary. View the course here >


1 SEP 2020 - 31 MAR 2021

A guided, experiential approach to yoga anatomy that is creative and practical. Delivered through online content from Amy Matthews and Leslie Kaminoff, combined with bonus material and live, interactive support from Barefoot Body tutors. This 7-month course is fully online. View the course here >


20, 21, 22, 23 & 24 NOV 2020

This somatic-based course encourages personal exploration of relaxation in the body through breathing, restorative forms and prop use (hello blanket origami!) We believe this course is best delivered in person. However, we can adapt to online or will organise another way for you to complete the training. View the course here >


JAN - DEC 2021

We've delayed the start date of our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training & Enrichment Programme from September to January. While we're hoping this can go ahead in person at the ARC Centre in London, we've learnt how to deliver the training online and can revert to remote should there be a need. View the training here >