This November, we welcome Theo Wildcroft to Barefoot Body for a Cambridge-based exploratory talk and workshop themed around yoga and community.

Theo will aim to cover the immense diversity of yoga, especially in the modern era, to get us beyond the stalemate of traditional vs commercial yoga, to shine a light on some very interesting untold stories, and to illuminate some hopeful paths forward.

All of the work is a product of Theo's doctoral research into contemporary changes in the teaching of yoga, her Masters’ degree in community empowerment and education, and over a decade of teaching yoga, with a specialist interest in accessibility, disability and trauma sensitivity.

Spread over two sessions, there will be a talk on Friday evening that's open to all and a workshop all day on Saturday for yoga teachers.

Here's a taster of the themes we'll be exploring:

  • the wisdom of communities

  • the ways we find authenticity in our relationships

  • power and radical inclusivity, compassion and politics in practice

  • how we can transform our teaching to offer a space of both refuge and challenge to the world we live in

  • the definitions of ‘traditional’ and ‘commercial’ yoga, as part of a “billion-dollar industry” in which most teachers struggle to earn a modest income


Friday 8th November 2019 | 19:00-21:30

Theo’s talk will cover what post-lineage means, how it came to be, and the opportunities and risks of teaching and practicing yoga in a post-lineage era.

It’ll also explore the context and history of teaching yoga, the journey of pre-modern to modern to post-lineage yoga, plus its diversity, history and evolving research, to illustrate the need for changing teaching and practice relationships.

The talk should equip you to:

  • understand your teaching, and your practice within the wider development of yoga

  • speak more confidently to the historical, cultural and scientific basis for the practice of yoga

  • reflect more assertively on contemporary issues in practicing and teaching yoga

Venue: Espresso Library (210 East Road, Cambridge, CB1 1BG)

Value: £15 incl. a drink of your choice

Access: Open to all



Saturday 9th November 2019 | 10:00-17:00

This workshop will explore ways in which we can negotiate better relationships to sustain the practice and our teaching of it. It will centre that exploration in one of the least-understood aspects of sustaining yoga as a culture of practice: the wisdom of communities and the negotiation of authenticity through relationship.

If you’re feeling anxious about the future of teaching yoga and your place in it, this workshop should explore some of the very real sources of hope, innovation and mutual support that are arising in our sanghas and communities.

During the workshop, Theo will facilitate us in exploring the following:

  • How sanghas, communities and in-person relationships sustain our yoga practice and teaching

  • How ‘seva’ or service can be used to support or challenge structure of authority

  • How practising yoga has always been a political act in terms of power, opportunity and radical inclusivity and how this awareness can lead to a more effective and compassionate engagement between the practice of yoga and the world around us

  • The thorny definitions of ‘traditional’ and ‘commercial’ yoga, for a “billion-dollar industry” in which most teachers struggle to earn even a modest income

  • Practical issues including standardisation, enforcement, the halo effect, transference and counter-transference

  • How and when we create safer spaces, content warnings and other protocols

  • How we build resilience and self-regulation into our yoga practice

  • How we might enter into practice exchanges with marginalised populations and how to recognise the wisdom and dignity of all participants

Venue: Centre At St Pauls (Upper Hall, Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 1JP)

Value: £75 (bursary support is available)

Access: teachers and teachers in training




Theo Wildcroft, PhD is a researcher investigating the democratizstion and evolution of physical practice as it moves beyond yoga lineages.

A yoga teacher herself with over a decade of experience, she also blogs, appears on podcasts, on panels and conferences and writes numerous other articles on yoga, on social justice, on hope, and on untold stories.

Theo consults with a number of major yoga organisations, and she teaches workshops across Europe and North America.

Theo is a guest tutor on our 300 hour yoga teacher training course.