From teaching and business mentoring hours, to support for outreach projects, and an annual reunion, our investment in our graduates doesn't end with a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate.

Our support and enthusiasm doesn't stop with awarding our graduates a well-earned glossy certificate and wishing them luck at the end of their 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training. We take a genuine interest in each of our trainees and our investment in their journey from student to teacher mat continues well after the end of the summer.

Our faculty has taught for several other training providers over the years and none (that we know of) offer quite the same level of ongoing support that Barefoot Body provides when it comes to yoga teacher graduates.

Here are some of the ways we support our graduates through their first year as a yoga teacher.


Personal mentoring including business and marketing support

Our graduates have four hours of personal mentoring available to them during their first year of teaching.

Mentors can provide support on all elements of yoga teaching, yoga practice, and professional development as well as offering encouragement, accountability and general advice around the world of yoga teaching.

Graduates also have access to specific business mentoring that may help with everything from setting up a website, using social media authentically, growing a community, devising pricing strategies, and crafting brand values.


Support for those bringing yoga into non-traditional settings and to less-represented communities

As part of our commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, we offer support to graduates who are looking to teach yoga in a non-traditional setting or to a less-represented community.

Support extends (but isn't limited) to:

  • Access to an outreach fund to support purchase of mats/props

  • Subsidies for your teaching rates

  • Online exposure through the Barefoot Body platform

  • Contacts and networking with other yoga professionals

  • Marketing support and mentoring


Use of the Barefoot Body platform for promotion

To help our graduates extend their reach and increase their visibility, we're developing a Graduate Register that will allow graduates to promote their profile as a yoga teacher to a growing network of curated yoga professionals.

We also offer graduates the opportunity to share their experiences of their fledgling teaching years on the Barefoot Body Blog with our Graduate Journeys series.


Access to an online community of other graduate yoga teachers

We know that our trainees make some wonderful friendships throughout the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

To continue these valuable connections from graduation and beyond, we create and manage an online space for our graduates to share, inspire and catch up with each other.


Invitation to an annual Graduate Reunion

We make every effort to arrange opportunities for graduates to connect with each other and our tutors, so there's typically a Graduate Reunion to look forward to at some point during the year.


Discounts for our 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training & Enrichment Programme

For those that are keen to advance their training, we offer a 10% graduate discount on the full fees for our ​300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, as well as several bursaries and payment plans.



Our unique and accredited entry-level teaching qualification takes an embodied approach to yoga practices and philosophy, weaves trauma-sensitivity throughout, and nurtures your personal enrichment as well as your professional development.

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