Understand the fundamentals of trauma-sensitivity and how to apply them in yoga, movement and therapeutic settings. Plus, some handpicked resources to explore trauma.

"Our animal friends have an instinctive capacity to rebound from fear, and so do we. Through gentle body-based practices, yoga allows trauma survivors to reconnect with their innate power to heal" - Linda Sparrowe

All our teaching team and our trainings recognise the relational aspects of yoga teaching. This means that being trauma aware is at the heart of what we do, because that really means being people-aware. Our students, trainees, peers and colleagues are people first and foremost, people with stories told and untold residing in the body-mind. Our specific Trauma-Informed training courses focus more specifically on unpacking the principles and neurobiology of trauma as well as learning about how movement and embodied awareness may support people who have experienced trauma. Our Level 1 Trauma-Informed Course is a stand-alone offering and is running this October, while our follow-on course Level 2 Trauma-Informed takes place in January. Who are the trauma-informed courses for? Yoga teachers, movement facilitators and registered therapists (counsellors, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, body psychotherapists) wanting to deepen their understanding of trauma theory and integrate it into yoga and/or therapeutic movement settings. Who is the tutor? You’ll be in safe hands with our very own trauma-informed facilitator and Barefoot Body tutor, Ashley MacDonald, who will guide you through this valuable content over both courses. Our hope is to offer both courses in-person at the ARC Centre in London, however we will be able to adapt the content to be delivered online if necessary.



Unravel the fundamentals of trauma-sensitivity in relation to yoga and other movement modalities and therapies. 👣 Understand the the basics of trauma theory and the principles of a trauma-informed practice including invitational language, introspection, choice-making, and authenticity 👣 Cultivate a deeper understanding of the mind/body connection and what it means to be trauma-informed 👣 Recognise the role of yoga, movement and/or body awareness can play in supporting people with trauma, PTSD, and related mental health difficulties 👣 Explore basic movement practices and how they could be integrated into general yoga and therapeutic movement settings

👣 Unpack unconscious biases around privilege and power in order to prevent causing unintentional harm View L1 Course >



Deepen your understanding of trauma-sensitivity and hone your practical skills to support working with trauma. 👣 Build on the principles of yoga theory with an understanding of the basic neurobiology of trauma 👣 Learn the ways in which movement can support trauma and/or be possibly traumatic 👣 Get to grips with how to integrate trauma-informed movement practices into general yoga and therapeutic movement settings including working with language and invitational cues 👣 Discover how to support individuals in special settings including issues of health and safety, supervision or mentorship, self-care/self-awareness and "broken-healer" issues 👣 Discuss complex trauma and working in specific areas of trauma

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A selection of articles and audios curated by Ashley