Embodied, trauma-sensitive, and inclusive with small groups, generous financial assistance, and above industry standard graduate support, our yoga teacher trainings are unique.

On our teacher trainings, we guide you to discover your own unique style through embodied learning, and ensure you acquire the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to share your preferred style of yoga in a safe, accessible manner with the communities that matter to you.

We know that our approach is unique. Here's how.



Taking learning off the page and into your own felt-experience

We take an embodied approach across the whole discipline of yoga. We apply it to anatomy, asana, pranayama, philosophy and even ethics because we believe that experiential study is the most effective way to integrate learning experiences.

Embodied practices involve your whole being: 'head-heart-hands'. It's about taking learning off the page, interacting with information beyond the cognitive level and bringing it into the felt experience.

So each individual who participates in a learning encounter with us is held as a holistic being, as someone who has capacity for thinking, feeling and acting. This enables you to take what you have discovered off the mat, out of the training, and into your life at large.

By teaching and learning in an embodied way, we empower you and your future students to use your own experiences as a means of defining your yoga practice. It's a co-creative process that's non-hierarchical, inclusive and accessible.


Learn from experts in their fields that think outside the box

Our faculty comprises a team of carefully selected, highly experienced teachers committed to excellence. They are experts in their own fields of interest and put professional ethics at the heart of all they do.

Our 200 hour trainees also have access to some exceptional guest tutors and two world renowned anatomy tutors for our online anatomy course - Amy Matthews and Leslie Kaminoff.

Meet Our Tutors


A more personal, tailored training with limited numbers

Many teacher training providers have around 30 trainees in their cohorts but we prefer to keep things small, with a maximum of 16 people at any one time.

We limit places because we believe that face-to-face teaching in small groups means everyone participates in co-creating a dynamic for a fully embodied learning experience, breathing new life into tried and trusted lesson plans and content every time.

There's a place for every voice in the room, knowledge and experience is shared, and respectful connections are forged. Small groups also allow us to offer you a deeper level of personal enrichment.


Teaching and learning that is sensitive towards the impact of your life experiences

We understand that life impacts each of us in different ways. That's why everything we do  is informed by an awareness of the potential impact your experiences might have made. We believe this is the most respectful and compassionate way to fully empower you and your students.

Trauma-Informed Yoga & Movement L1 [CPD COURSE]


Open to all with support in creating your own Outreach Project

We believe in yoga for all and for every body so if want to share what you love about the practice, then we’d like to help you get the skills and confidence to do this.

Our embodied, trauma-sensitive approach means that everyone can access our teaching, regardless of the forms we inhabit, the communities we come from, or the circumstances we experience. There are no pre-requisites about your ability to do complex forms or to fit any pre-conceived image of what a yoga teacher looks like. We are all beginners.

We also encourage you to consider how you might make a positive difference to individuals or communities that do not have easy access to the benefits of yoga by creating an Outreach Project of your choice.


Teaching and business mentoring, outreach assistance, reunions and more in your first year as a yoga teacher

Our support and enthusiasm doesn't stop with awarding our graduates a well-earned glossy certificate and wishing them luck at the end of their 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training. We take a genuine interest in each of our trainees and our investment in their journey from student to teacher mat continues well after graduation.

With teaching and business mentoring hours, support for outreach projects, reunions, and more, no other teacher training provider offers quite the same level of ongoing support that Barefoot Body provides when it comes to yoga teacher graduates.

How We Support Our Graduates [BLOG]


Bursaries and flexible payment plans

We're committed to minimising financial barriers to learning, which is why we offer generous payment plans that are flexible to support you. There are offers for those that choose to book their spot on the training in advance. View early bird offer >

We're also proud to offer not just one but several bursary places for each of our teacher trainings. So if you are on a low income or identify/work with underrepresented communities in yoga teaching you may very well be eligible for bursary support.

Bursary Support Award Form


Deepening your experience of yoga and movement

We incorporate a strong element of somatics in our trainings, using movement modalities as a method of exploration.

We believe that this enquiry-based practice encourages you to get curious about your own experience of the forms of yoga, and develop a new understanding about how your body meets them. In turn, you may begin to discover new ways to think, feel, move, and teach. ⁣