We asked yoga teachers in our community the one thing they wish they knew once they'd graduated after their yoga teacher training. Here are the pearls of wisdom they offered including everything from authenticity, power poses, taxes and burnout.

"Always stay true to yourself and teach from your heart 💓"- Asia P

"More preparation for real bodies and bodies with injuries...it was eye-opening to experience how different bodies move. As I write this I realise experience is the best teacher but I was incredibly naive when I first started teaching by thinking that most bodies would move like my own" - Casey G

"Be authentic. Whoever you are is what your community needs. And meet your students where they are" - Ashley MacDonald, Senior Tutor

"Keep your own practice as just that.... yours. A time for you to keep connected to what drew you to the practice in the first place. It’s all to easy for our practice/ going to class to become another class planning exercise or becoming preoccupied with trying to remember sequences/ alignment cues from the teacher as opposed to really ‘being’ present In the practice" - Rachael Moore, Guest Tutor & Mentor

"Believe in yourself. You are enough. Every one of us has nerves. Take time to ground before class and 'power pose' in the toilet if necessary....I still do this before workshops! Much love in your new, amazing journey 💜✨💜" - Amanda A-J

"Network. And don't feel you have to know everything. Start with what you do know. Be honest" - Julie D.

"Your students will find you. Those that aren’t meant to practice with you will go, don’t get worried about that" - Vicky R

"Don’t be tempted to teach as many classes as possible when you start. It’s so much easier to build up slowly to a manageable number of classes that still allows you to have a life outside teaching - if you take on too much it’s harder to then scale back and you want to enjoy your teaching not get to the point that you feel burnt out" - Charlotte B

"Teach as yourself, let your personality into your teaching. You won’t be some peoples cup of tea and that’s ok" - Katie L

"Teaching is not a performance, it is a practice together. The tree of yoga has many branches to be explored. Asanas are just one part and should be adapted to fit the body and not the other way around. Find the courage to allow the words to flow from your heart. Be authentic. Yoga is a spiritual philosophy practice so let this underpin your teachings" - Chelsea C

"The right opportunities will find you" - Tiffany Thorne, Senior Tutor

"Get your taxes in on time!" - Rachel E

"Have a strong idea of what yoga is/means to you and be confident to keep teaching from and developing that. Remember you don’t have to be able to DO more “advanced” postures (or have an especially open and/or strong practice) to BE a good teacher. I can see why people are hung up on it but when I teach teacher training I want people to be confident in THEIR (albeit safe, anatomically “aligned”) expressions of postures rather than trying to emulate what I or the textbook are showing. It’s so important!" - James D

"Allow yourself, your practice, your teaching to evolve, let it surprise you and let it take you into unknown spaces. It is an amazing companion" - Meredith G

"Be yourself, you will attract like minded people" - Linda A

"There is no one thing that works for every body. There always has to be freedom for your students to learn within their own experience. It is also ok not to know everything and be open about that 💚" - Teresa A

"Be authentic, have faith in yourself, be organised with book keeping ( still working on this) give to those who really need and cannot afford - karma yoga. 🙏" - Vicky D M



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