We're so encouraged to be witnessing a growing recognition of the importance of Restorative Yoga, as well as a trend for slowing down regular asana practice! Studio timetables are creating slots for Restorative classes and many teachers are including elements of the practice in their own workshops and retreats. Of course, there are various teacher trainings for you to consider, but after several years of offering this training we have refreshed, updated and enhanced our content for 2019.  


Course Director, Beverley Nolan, has co-created a syllabus that is based on many years practice, teaching and training others in Restorative Yoga. Inspired by the work of Judith Hanson Lasater, Donna Farhi, Roger Cole and Richard Miller, and her work with Linda Hartley and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen she draws strongly on the principles of embodied anatomy,somatic psychology and trauma-sensitivity throughout. Co-teacher Tiffany Thorne brings unique insights from yoga philosphy texts and her growing body of work in Emboded Sanskrit.

It's our desire that you come away from our training informed, equipped and inspired, and ready to maximise the potential of your time and financial investment with us. We'd also like you to be as passionate about the practice as we are!

  • Enhance your understanding of the body's stress and relaxation responses

  • Get to grips with polyvagal theory, the enteric nervous system, and interoceptive capability

  • Familiarise yourself with matters of trauma-sensitivity both theoretical and practical

  • Explore and apply the principles of embodied anatomy throughout

  • Explore a full range of postures - including what we like to call Prop-Lite practice, ie when your studio doesn't have all the kit you'd like!

  • Learn how to structure and deliver effective classes

  • Unravel and practice the basic principles of yoga nidra and trauma sensitivity matters

  • Connect with the roots of supported practice in yoga philosophy.

  • Work in a small learning group - we guarantee there will be no more than 20 participants

  • Be confident that your training is registered with Yoga Alliance (Intl) as a 60 hour CPD (includes approximately12 hours of pre-course study and 12 hours of homework between the weekends.)


Unit 1: Anatomy & Physiology

This will focus particularly on the immuno-neuroendocrine matrix and polyvagal theory and their relationship to stress and relaxation and to the musculoskeletal system and cardiovascular system. There will be theoretical study as well as experiential enquiries.

Unit 2: Restorative Yoga - the Fundamental Forms

This will cover the principles of Restorative practice. There will be experiential practice of forms from the following categories: Supine, Prone, Lateral, Rotation, and Inversion.

Unit 3: Subtle Anatomy

The pranic/chakra system model will be explored with particular attention to the concept of mudra, both body seals and hand seals, and sounding; the Panca Maya model will also be explored in relation to the nervous system (see Unit 1, above) and the practice of Yoga Nidra (see Unit 4, below)

Unit 4: Yoga Nidra

The basic principles of creating and guiding a trauma-sensitive Yoga Nidra practice.

Unit 5: History & Philosophy

The philosophical underpinnings of the practice of Restorative Yoga with regard to key terminology and concepts from the Yoga Sutras, Upanishads and Tantras to demonstrate the very ancient use of props and to investigate the substratum of Being. In addition, incorporating a review of techniques of applied Non-duality,ancient and modern. Practicum throughout.

Unit 6: Professional Practice

How to construct a personal practice; how to construct a 60 minute class plan; how to integrate into existing classes. Ideas for workshops. How to manage prop-lite scenarios. Teaching techniques and methodologies.


This 6 day course runs over 2 weekends and our next location is LONDON. You will need to attend ALL the training days as part of your certification requirements. Each training day begins promptly at 10.30am and finishes at 5.30pm.

Friday-Sunday 14-16 June 2019

Friday- Sunday 19-21 July 2019

Our venue is the Arc Centre in North London, which is fully kitted out by our good friends at Yoga United. We will have access to a kitchen for making tea and there are various cafes around the area. Do check the website link to see images, parking and public transport information. 


We accept a maximum of 20 students on this course. We think that keeping course numbers small is the best way to ensure a high level of input from your tutors in both your learning and self-development. We hope you agree.

Full Course fee: £660

A non-refundable deposit of £160 will secure your place, and the balance of £500 is payable before 1 APRIL 2019.

A payment plan is also available, please get in touch for details.


Your deposit is non-refundable in all circumstances. We will only refund a whole training fee for fees paid in full prior to 1 APRIL 2019, minus your deposit. No refunds will be offered on training fees after 1 APRIL 2019. Fees are non-transferable to another training.


As part of our commitment to accessibility to core training and ongoing professional development, it is important to us that we minimise financial barriers wherever possible. To this end we offer a bursary scheme on our Restorative Yoga Teacher Training. Applicants must be able to demonstrate their need for financial support, demonstrate their own dedication to the practice of yoga, as well as present their vision for taking Restorative Yoga out into community/outreach settings. To make an initial enquiry, please get in touch at




The course covers six units of study (see above):

  • 36 contact/studio teaching hours spread over the Units of Study described comprising 24 hours with E-RYT500 tutor Beverley Nolan and a further 12 hours of contact/studio time with Tiffany Thorne

  • 6 hours of pre-course study involving reading and research

  • 8 hours of self-practice and assignments between weekends

On completion of the course you will receive a YACEP Certificate of Completion confirming that you have met all the requirements of this course satisfactorily. This can be used as evidence of hours accrued for Continuing Education with Yoga Alliance (International). Hours may be recognised by other professional bodies, however you should confirm specific requirements directly with their any other professional body to which you belong.


Please note that in addition to your class attendance you will be required to do approximately 12 hours of pre-course study. On receipt of your full payment of Course Fees you will receive part one of the Course Manual and two sets of assignments of self-reflection and research. You will need access to a computer, internet connectivity, an email account, and a printer to complete the pre-course study and assignments.



You will be required to do approximately 12 hours of study between the weekends. This involves keeping a Practice Diary, preparing a 60 minute lesson plan, and designing a Marketing Leaflet or Lead Page for you website.


There are a number of written assignments which we have described above. We will also be assessing your practical teaching skills as we progress through the course.


6 days of face-to-face tuition, comprehensive Course Manual and handouts to support your learning, student support throughout, and (not to be underestimated!) unlimited tea on your training days.


Books from the required reading list (we will do our best to locate free online resources), your own travel and accommodation costs, your catering/subsistence costs.


Still reading? Eager to join us on this Restorative Yoga Teacher Training?  If you either hold a 200h yoga teaching qualification or similar, or are working towards a 200h qualification on a current yoga teacher training, please get in touch at - we'd love to hear from you.

Please note that we are more than happy to hear from applicants who may need Learning Support during the course.

And just because we need to make it clear, throughout the course you will need access to a computer, internet connectivity, an email account, printer and associated stationery.


Beverley Nolan - E-RYT 500, IYN 500, BWY-RT, RSMT/E (ISMETA) 

Tiffany Thorne - BWY-Dip, SANSKRIT BA, MA-Phil (Cambridge)


1. BOOK HERE and pay your deposit to secure a place. 

2. Get in touch if you would like to organise a payment plan or would like to apply for a bursary


3. This course is designed for you if you are an existing teacher with a 200h yoga teaching qualification or similar, or you are working towards a 200h qualification on a current yoga teacher training. Our content assumes you have some experience in A&P, class planning and teaching methodologies, and have some familiarity with yoga history and philosophy. If you have any questions about the course content or suitability, then email Beverley here.