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A foundation in the art and skills of Authentic Movement & Creative Somatics

  • Starts 28 Sept
  • 160 British pounds
  • Cambridge

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about the course

Over four Saturday sessions (10-2pm) you will understand and practice the foundational practice of Authentic Movement which will enrich all aspects of your existing yoga or other movement practice. SESSION 1 - FINDING WAYS INTO THE PRACTICE - 28 September 10-2pm Discovering the origins of the practice of Authentic Movement in the field of Dance Movement Therapy and its evolution into the world of somatics, psychology and yoga. Understand the role and skills of both Inner Witness and Moving Witness and the various Circle Forms that are used. Practice will be working solo in a group setting and in dyads. Exploring Creative Somatics through the process techniques of writing and drawing. SESSION 2 - TUNING INTO MOVEMENT & SENSATION - 26 October 10-2pm Deepening the Practice to add a further layer of attention to movement with the field of sensation. Practice will again be both solo in a group setting and in dyads. Expect also to pay more attention to precise languaging and SESSION 3 - DEEPENING INTO MOVEMENT & EMOTION - 23 November 10-2pm Enriching the Practice to invite the emotions to be the field of close attention anchoring them to context of gesture and movement. Moving solo in a group setting and in dyads will be repeated, and a further Authentic Movement Circle format will be introduced SESSION 4 - OPENING TO THE IMAGINAL FIELD - 21 December 10-2pm Unpacking Jungian ideas around archetypes, the collective field and active imagination to invite a sense of personal story, myth and metaphor. There will the opportunity to again move solo and in dyads and in Circle format. This course of study an practice is suitable for movement and therapeutic professionals, as well as yoga practitioners/teachers. DATES: 28 September, 26 October, 23 November, 21 December

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