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restorative yoga teacher training

Understand the practicalities of weaving the power of rest into your yoga offerings

  • Starts 26 Mar 2025
  • 495 British pounds
  • CamYoga

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about the course

Join us for a 5 day immersion with Beverley Nolan & Ashley MacDonald and earn how to sequence and deliver trauma-informed Restorative Yoga content confidently. ACCREDITED with Yoga Alliance (International) as 30 hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPD). * Understand the body's physiological stress & relaxation responses from a nervous & endocrine system perspective * Explore a full range of forms/asana & breathing techniques with the safe & effective use of props * Learn the teaching techniques to structure & deliver creatively constructed classes * Get to grips with studio realities with ‘Prop-Lite’ alternatives to common forms/asanas * Delve into the historical context of restorative practice & props * Discover the 'radical rest' movement & why reclaiming & relearning how to rest can be a gesture of activism or allyship for many. COURSE CONTENT: Unit 1 - Anatomy & Physiology Learn about psycho-emotional responses to stress and relaxation, with particular reference to the neuroendocrine system. Some reference will be made to Polyvagal Theory (PVT) and matters related neurodiversity examined. Unit 2 - Forms/Asana and Breathing Identify the principles that underpin Restorative practice and practice of forms/asanas from the following categories: Supine, Prone, Lateral, Rotation, and Inversion. Relevant breathing/pranayama practices will also be covered. Unit 3 - Subtle Anatomy The pranic system including mudra as expressed as body 'seals' (asana/form as mudra). We will also unpack the Panca Maya/Kosha model making links to somatic practice. Unit 4 - History & Philosophy Identify the philosophical threads of Restorative Yoga in key terminology and concepts from the Yoga Sutras, and demonstrate the very ancient use of props for practice. Unit 5 - Professional Practice How to construct a personal practice, a 60 minute class and integrate into existing classes. We'll come up with ideas for workshop, retreats and how to manage prop-lite (studio-reality) scenarios. Unit 6 - Radical Rest Unpack the 'radical rest' movement and why rest can be a political gesture. We'll discuss the barriers to accessing natural rest (in a society where those who arguably work the hardest for the least remuneration are also least likely but most in need of rest); and why "teaching" resting practices and making time for constructive, regenerative rest are important roles of today's Restorative Yoga teachers.​

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