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Heartfelt offerings to support and soothe you through Autumn & Winter

There seems no getting off the rollercoaster of uncertainty and whether you are on an upswing or a downswing we're guessing that, like all of us in the Barefoot Body team, this last year has left you feeling pretty worn-out. 

As dedicated yoga and movement teachers, we are used to going the extra mile in supporting our own students and our local studios. We have likely reorganised our home to keep offering classes and workshops with all its attendant furniture shifting, hiding of laundry baskets, and praying that an unexpected door bell won't set the dog off!

And if you are not a teacher, we can only imagine that just trying to find time and room to practice outside of your favourite studio with its beautiful spaces, abundant props, and attendant companionship is just as challenging when you have been juggling working and maybe homeschooling from home.

It really isn't any wonder that we all may be digging deep to keep going until those Spring days arrive. 

That's why we've put together a Care Package to help you find some ease. There's a guided somatic check-in to help regulate your nervous system, some refreshing poetry, a prop-lite restorative practice recording for body-mind nourishment, and some creative journalling offerings. 

Let us know which of these gifts work for you, we'd love to hear from you.

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Use this 10-minute guided somatic check-in to recenter yourself whenever you need a dose of calm. Make a gap in your day and tune in during unexpected moments through the day — like while you’re waiting for a warm cup of tea to cool or on an afternoon walk. Features mindful breathing and body scan.



We so often turn to the wisdom of poetry in our Barefoot Body trainings.


So we've curated a collection of refreshing, soothing poems that we've bound together in a digital pack for you to download and pore over.


We recommend reading with your favourite tea or coffee blend, and perhaps a biscuit (or two).  




Use this recorded 60 minute restorative practice to help regulate your nervous system and access some much-needed nourishment for body and mind.


If you don't have a cupboard full of props, you can use household items instead.

Here's what you'll need for this practice: 

  • A yoga mat (or carpeted floor)

  • A bolder (or 2-3 bed pillows/sofa cushions)

  • 2 blankets (or 2 sofa throws/large bath towels)

  • 2 blocks (or 2 large books with non-slip covers)

  • An eye pillow (optional)

  • 2 small bean bags (optional)


Tap into your inner knowing with some reflective journaling. This practice may help you:

  • discover what you need to meet each moment with more resilience

  • learn how your yoga practice can support you through turbulent times

  • understand where you can turn to within your community when you're feeling worn-out


Download our Twenty Quiet Questions pack and set aside some time for reflection.



"Withdrawal is often not what it looks like – a disappearance – no, to withdraw from entanglement can be to begin the process of renewing the primary, essential invitation again."



Faced with such continued uncertainty, it can be all too easy to feel off-balance. Somatics and embodied practices can shine a light on our internal experiences and offer us a pathway to some ease. Investigate any of your feelings of tension, restriction and demotivation through the eyes of the body with this "somatic first-aid kit."