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about beverley & barefoot body training

Barefoot Body Training is a training organisation rooted in learning and passion.

Here's our story.


Hi, i'm beverley

I'm the founder and director of studies at Barefoot Body Training. I started my yoga journey back in the 1980s and I love teaching almost as much as my own practice. It delights me to share my knowledge and skills and to co-create fantastic courses with respected colleagues and friends.


the story behind 

barefoot body training

My nearly 40 years on the mat is testimony to yoga as a lifelong enquiry and I have gained so much from incorporating my work as a somatic movement educator and experiential anatomist. I founded Barefoot Body as a training organisation as the natural next step in my yoga life.


It is important to me that everything we do at Barefoot Body honours the tradition of yoga and at the same time uplifts contemporary conversations around accessibility, inclusion, professional ethics, and cultural sensitivities.

Every course we share is a heartfelt offering of knowledge and skills to support and enrich both professional aspirations and personal study and practice.

lifelong learning

Learning never stops and sharing knowledge and skills breathes life into everyone willing and ready to grow. 

We're committed to providing accessible, innovative and inspiring learning experiences that celebrates modern individuals and honours the indigenous and ancestral roots of the practices of yoga and somatics.


We aim to understand individual training needs and how best to serve them in the context of our trainings. 

We work in small groups so everyone can be heard, and offer 1:1 mentoring on our flagship trainings. 

We find our trainees inspiring and want everyone to reach their fullest potential and achieve their goals.


We celebrate the superpower of curiosity. 

A growth mindset and questions of an inquisitive mind are the secrets to staying fresh, and up-to-date in the worlds of yoga and somatics. 

We encourage exploring, asking questions and diving deep so we can all expand our knowledge.

honesty & 

Integrity is our compass. 

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and strive to contribute positively and inclusively with everyone we encounter. 

We do get things wrong from time to time, and take pride in our willingness to check ourselves, have professional supervision and stay attuned to the conversations on practice and professional ethics.

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