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2oo hr fees & bursaries

We know committing to a yoga teacher training is a big decision.

That's why we have a range of payment options and a bursary support scheme to make training accessible to as many people as possible

Take a look at our current payment plans, available bursaries and some additional costs you may need to budget for.

EARLY BIRD - £2995

Deposti: £995 payable before 31 JULY 2024

Balance: 10 interest-free monthly installments of £200


Deposit : £1,190 payable before 31 OCTOBER 2024

Balance: 10 interest-free monthly installments of £200


REGULAR - £3550

Deposit: £1550 payable before 5 JANUARY 2025

Balance: 10 interest-free monthly installments of £200

payment plans

As part of our commitment to accessibility, we offer a reduced-cost bursary scheme to allow trainee teachers who aren't in the position to fully fund a space to train and bring yoga to their community. Two places are available on each course.


Applicants must be able to demonstrate their need for financial support, their dedication to the practice of yoga, as well as present their vision for taking the practice off the mat and out into community/outreach settings. References from your own yoga teacher may be requested.

bursary scheme

Here's an overview of some additional costs you may need to budget for alongside your training cost

additional costs 

Should you require Learning Support, please let us know, for example course materials in large print can be arranged at no further cost ,while engaging a Teaching Assistant would.

Books from the reading list

Make up time with tutors for any missed days

Costs associated with computer access, internet connection, email, printer, stationary & camera for video assignment

Remarking & resubmitting assignments &/or assessments

Class fees for attending 20 classes & 4 class observations with a suitably qualified teacher 

Travel, accommodation, catering & subsistence costs

  • In order to secure your place on the teacher training, you'll need to pay a deposit.

  • Please note that the deposit is non-refundable in all circumstances.

  • We will only refund fees paid-to-date, minus your deposit before 31 January 2024

  • No refunds will be offered on fees paid to date after 31 January 2024 and you will be contractually responsible for any fees outstanding.

  • Fees are non-transferable to another training.

purchase terms

All our Trainings have a set of Terms & Conditions in line with your statutory rights. 

Please see below for the Terms that are specific to the 200HR Teacher Training:

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