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yoga teacher training

A unique and accredited entry-level teaching qualification that takes a somatic approach to yoga practices and their teaching, offers a respectful and researched presentation of yoga history and philosophy, and weaves a trauma-informed understanding into everyday teaching methods.

what sets us apart

Our Teacher Training is truly something different; it equips you with an in-depth education based on embodied anatomy and movement and supports you for a whole year after graduation with mentoring so you're able to get out and teach confidently.

24 days/11 weekends of outstanding live training & 20 hours of online anatomy study with highly experienced tutors who think outside the box.

depth of content & learning experience

Get thorough support throughout the course with designing your own 6 week yoga course - so you've got everything you need to teach right away.

design & teach your first six-week course with hands-on support

We offer 1:1 mentoring sessions during the training as well as through the first year of teaching to help you get up and running in your teaching life.

Mentoring support during your course & your first year of teaching

Our content cultivates trust in the first hand experience of your body and breath in practice from which you will draw your own inspiration for class content, language,and ongoing self-practice.

Application of embodied practice, somatics, & trauma-awareness throughout

As western yoga practitioners, you are invited into the  collective responsibility to respect and understand the cultural history and philosophy of yoga and to contribute to the positive evolution of yoga.

explore the depth & relevance of yoga philosophy & contemporary yoga culture

We are pleased to be registered with Yoga Alliance International so you are able to teach almost anywhere in the world after graduation as it's the only awarding body recognised from Birmingham to Bali!

professional accreditation with Yoga Alliance International

explore the course

Take a look at what you need to do to join the course, what you'll learn and how you'll be assessed on your training journey.

course outline

course requirements, syllabus & assessments

We know that teacher training is a big commitment of time energy and finances and that's why we offer Payment Plans & Bursary Support to lighten the load.

fees & bursaries

the costs involved in training as a yoga teacher

Take a look at all the practical information you'll need to know about how our trainings are facilitated.

practical info

everything you need to know about where, when & how long
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got a question?

We know picking the right yoga teacher training is a big undertaking, and it's only natural to have questions! 

So, we created our FAQ guide; containing all of the most common questions we get from our trainees. 

trainee reviews

Image by Ravi Pinisetti

Beverley always took real time to talk to me and didn't act like she was above me like other yoga teachers I've experienced. I felt listened too when I had wobbles in my confidence.

sophie B.

I have some physical restrictions but because the course focused on getting to the essence of yoga asana, I felt I was given a permission to move and teach in my own way.

amanda N.

I loved the inclusive approach - it wasn't all about perfect postures but about how you invite all bodies into a class situation. The trauma-sensitive element was also really helpful to consider and practice.

Jamie L.

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