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2oo hr dates & location

Our 200 Hour Teacher Training runs over a 12 month period, giving you plenty of time to immerse yourself in your training and get to know your group. There's a mix of in person training days in Cambridge, as well as online content and practice giving a varied and in-depth learning experience.

next course dates

apr 2024-mar 2025

March: 22nd & 23rd

February: 22nd (online) & 23rd (online)

January: 18th & 19th

December: 13th (online), 14th & 15th

November: 16th & 17th

October: 19th & 20th

September: 20th (online) 21st & 22nd

August: Summer Research Project

July: 20th & 21st

June: 15th & 16th

May: 18th & 19th

April: 19th (online evening) 20th & 21st

where to find us

Our 2024 course is hosted by our good friends at CAMYOGA, located close to rail, park & ride, and bus links.

All our in-person training days are held at:

CAMYOGA Central Studios

14 George IV Street



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