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patterns: body, mind & meaning

A journey through our early movements through close reading, movement, and journaling.

The post-natal developmental movement patterns take us on a journey from dependent babe-in arms to independent toddler and we can revisit these patterns as adults in order to deepen out somatic understanding as well as repattern our habits of posture and movement.

In this project, I will guide you through the rediscovery of the reflexes and movements in your adult body, and support you as you explore the evolution of your connections to gravity, your body, and to others.

Through selected extracts from WISDOM OF THE BODY MOVING by Linda Hartley, I'll guide you through the theory and share recorded practices, journaling prompts, poetry and image inspiration to help you bring the material alive to you in your own way.

There will be 15 SESSIONS to work through from 1 September to 8 December.

Each week all the resources will arrive in your in-box and be stored in a dedicated Google Classroom space. You can work at this weekly pace or find your own rhythm as any recorded practices are available for you until 31 July 2025.

You'll also have an invitation to join a private Facebook Group to connect with me and other participants for extra support, sharing ideas, and asking questions.

I like to think of the project like a close reading of a favourite novel or poem only this time it is a close reading of the way our body organises in movement and stillness

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I'm really looking forward to you joining me.


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